Buy Portuguese passport online

Buy Portuguese passport online

Buy Portuguese passport online

Buy Portuguese passport online from bexuniversal document company at a lower price with all your biometric data fully registered into the country data base system which can be renewable when expired, and its usable for a period of 5 to 10 years


Buy Portuguese passport online

Bexuniversal are able to produce both fake and real Portuguese passport depending on what the client want.


  • A real Portuguese passport will be legally registered into the country data base system which can be use to pen an account, travel out of the country, for identification, and finally as a citizen of the country.

Is the Portuguese passport renewable

You can apply for a replacement passport if it is due to expire within 6 months. However, it’s not possible to renew your passport once it has expired. In this case, you must make a fresh application for a new passport and go through the same process as you went through initially.

Where to buy real Portuguese passport online

Bexuniversal has put in place recent 2022 updated software’s to access the Portuguese Department of Immigration with ICAOs system and the use of recent tools in place for the registration and the production of real Portuguese passport for everyone who seeks and love to stay in Portugal legally. We work with Portuguese Immigration officials who assists us in the registration of the Bio-metrical part into the system , So that whenever your Real Portuguese passport is checked at any airport scan, it will read up valid and genuine showing all your data in the system.

How Can I Get a Portuguese passport

For any passport applicant to easily obtain a Portuguese passport , He/She should be able to provide the following data:

  • Passport Application Form (IM.42)
  • Current Passport ( Original)
  • Malaysian Birth certificate (Original)
  • Parent Identity card (Original)
  • Parent Citizenship Certificate (Original)2
  • 2recent white background passport size photograph
  • Certificate of Evidence of residence Status.(CERS) Original Copy , but with the help of bexuniversal it becomes more easier than you think

Can I apply for a Portuguese passport online?

The Portuguese online application and Renewal of passports, is an online platform establish by bexuniversal to facilitate the application process of passports in Portugal . Especially with this cover-19 pandemic, we have put in place a reliable online customer service to receive all passport data from the individual for the registration and production of a valid Portuguese passport . Do not forget to submit the above required documents for the passport process. Can I renew my Portuguese passport? Many people are confused about renewing their passports or not. Currently , The Portuguese passport can no longer be renewed , After the document is expired, A new application must be submitted with following the application format

Can you buy Portuguese Passport Online?

Thousand of people today have been asking them self numerous questions and finding solutions to buy a passport online without going to stand on long lines. Those some love to travel and stay in Portugal but find it very hard to acquire a real Malaysian passport . Others try to use fake passport at Malaysia airports which is very risky . So the Bexuniversal group personnel thought it wise enough to create a simple way for anyone to buy a Portuguese passport online from the comfort of their homes. They also said it will be best for those who love to visit Portugal should do it legally with real Portuguese passport approved by the immigration department and the passport should meet up with stander

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