Cloned Credit Cards For Sale

Cloned Credit Cards For Sale

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Cloned Credit Cards For Sale

cloned credit cards for sale
cloned credit cards for sale

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Cloned Credit Cards Sale Pricing

**********clone card prices LIST************

Payment methods
Perfect money ( PM ), BTC(Bitcoin) , Bitcoin CASH ( BCH ), PAYPAL ( PP ), STELLAR
and Ethereum (ETH) buy clone card however .

cloned credit cards for sale


We are a team from a French-speaking community on the deepweb.

The reliability of our cards is GUARANTEED and we can at your request make
you TEST cards with small amounts to show you our good faith or go
through an ESCROW (= A person who is responsible for keeping the
money until receipt card and then give us the money)cloned credit cards for sale.

Delivery is made quickly for people in France cloned credit cards for sale.


Bexuniversal sell cloned debit and credit cards with US and EU balances only.
We provide high balances on our cards and the ability to withdraw
it at any ATM buy clone card .

Bexuniversal ship our cloned credit cards for sale all around the world.
Each country, almost each city/ town you want us to ship your cards.
Including Africa, Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe etc.

Bexuniversal only accept Bitcoin for all payments. We generate new address
for each customer to provide more security. hope you’ve used Bitcoin already
and can also give an advice about it if you need

We deliver cards keeping complete anonymity and security.
We discuss the most suitable delivery way with each client.

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Our company appreciate security in a correspondence. We use secure
email and PGP encryption. In addition We don’t care who you are and
why you are buying a card. It’s your business only buy clone card.

Why trust us? Because, we understand you. Because we are also like you.
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Hacked Credit Card Numbers With CVV and Zip Code

We do provide services of hacked credit card numbers with cvv and zip code and
is the most used credit card hacks that work perfectly in 2022 with all
transactions working perfectly . Therefore a ll our hack credit card with
cvv and balance is transfer to our main blank programmed ATM card
with the ability to withdraw cash from any ATM machine within a period
of 8 days. This Bank card hack software is mostly use online for bitcoins
purchasing, paying of bills etc

What is Card Cloning?

Card cloning or counterfeiting can be described as a process whereby a genuine
bank card’s magnetic-stripe is copied and then placed on a duplicate card.
This cloned card can then be used to make purchases at point of sale
devices and (where the customer’s personal identification number
[PIN] has also been obtained) to make withdrawals from Automated teller machines (ATM).

The process whereby the card’s magnetic stripe is copied is generally known as skimming.
The card is swiped through a skimming device similar to those found on
point of sale devices. The information on the magnetic stripe is then recorded
and is then placed on another card’s magnetic stripe. Point of sale devices and ATMs
are not able to discern the difference between a cloned card and the original as the
information on the magnetic stripe is identical. If the thief has managed to
obtain the
customer’s PIN he is then further able to make withdrawals from the
account using an ATM.

Can all credit cards be cloned

Any type of bank card that has a magnetic stripe can be cloned.
This includes credit cards, debit cards and normal ATM cards. Depending on the card
holder’s particular card processing systems however, the thief will not be able
make any purchases or withdrawals unless he has also obtained the PIN.
This would be the case with certain debit cards which also need the correct
PIN to be entered on the point of sale device to process the transaction

Disclosing your pin code

Based on what we know from our investigations and what we have been shown,
one cannot make withdrawals from an ATM without the card and the correct PIN.
The PIN is further not stored on the card itself. In most instances where
the hackers uses the cloned card to make withdrawals he would therefore
also need to know what the PIN is for the card.

The hacker can obtain the PIN by observing the complainant entering the PIN
on an ATM or point of sale key pad or by recording it on camera. There have
also been instances where the hacker is able to convince the card holder that
he is a representative from the bank and needs the PIN to verify that the card is legitimate

Wireless Magnetic Stripe card Skimmer BLE/wireless EMV card reader

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • New arrival BLE visa and MasterCard credit card reader 
  • With EMV approval
  • Supports magnetic stripe cards and chip cards, providing reliable and secure payment anytime, anywhere
  • Specifications:
    • Physical characteristics:
      • Dimensions: (L) 62 x (W) 53 x (H) 17.5mm
      • Weight: 30g
      • Standard battery: rechargeable, 3.7V, 125mAh Li-ion
      • LEDs: blue LED
  • Performance characteristics:
    • CPU: ARM Cortex
    • Memory: 48KB RAM, 256KB Flash
    • OS: Lark 2.0
  • Transaction and payment:
    • Key management: MK/SK, Fixed Key, Dukpt
    • Encryption: Algorithum RSA, DES, TDES, SHA-1, SHA-256
  • Data connectivity:
    • Audio: 1kbps-14.4kbps
    • USB: USB 2.0 slave
  • Environment characteristics:
    • Operating temperature: -5 to 45°C
    • Storage temperature: -20 to 55°C
    • Operating humidity: 5-85% RH 
    • Drop test resistance: 1m, 6 faces on concrete
  • Other:
    • SDK and API Android, iOS, Windows, Linux
    • Accessories: USB cable

Main Export Markets:

Asia Central/South America Eastern Europe Mid East/Africa North
America Western Europe

cloned credit cards for sale

How Credit Card Fraud Works

A recent study of credit card cloning around the world revealed some
startling disparities in the risks customers face across Latin America and
the price of buying this stolen information.

The global report, carried out by NordVPN, a leading virtual private network company,
found that around four million credit cards had their details stolen and put up for
sale on the dark web.

The United States accounted for the largest percentage of credit cards,
with over 1.5 million sets of card details found. But as the report pointed out,
this did not mean US customers were more at risk, as the usage of
credit cards per capita varies widely around the world.

Here, InSight Crime explores the report’s findings in Latin America

Expensive Countries to Buy Stolen Credit Cards

Mexico and Brazil might account for the lion’s share of stolen cards in Latin America,
buying the details of these cards on the web is not expensive.
The average cost was just $2.36 in Mexico and $6.54 in Brazil,
among the cheapest in the region cloned credit cards for sale.

In comparison, Paraguay was the most expensive country to buy stolen card details
at $19.25, followed by Panama ($18.42), Uruguay ($18.32), Colombia
($18.29) and Chile ($18.28), according to the investigation.

Few Cards to Clone in Venezuela

With a devastated economy and limited access to international financial
markets due to sanctions, it comes as little surprise that Venezuela only had
some 750 credit cards cloned despite a population of 28 million people.

Even those Venezuelans who still maintain credit cards emitted by the country’s
banks face astonishingly low credit limits. In October 2021, Venezuela’s central
bank set a new ceiling for credit cards in the country of 1 bolívar, or just $0.24.
This would allow users to buy the equivalent of one kilogram of ground beef
or one kilogram of powdered milk.

Buy Cloned Cards

This option is for people who do not have the right software and devices to make a card.
We make the card for you and ship it to your address. 1 CLONED CARD $400
CLONED CARDS = $900 USD / £900 GBP / €900 EUR
( Each Cloned Card we supply come with a minimum balance of $4500 USD / £4500 GBP / €4500 EUR ) *WE DO NOT SELL CUSTOM BALANCE.

Questions about credit cars


Is it Safe? Yes, it’s absolutely safe Do you accept Escrow? Yes, you can.
We recommend using the guarantor service on
How can I trust you? We has been working since 2022 and looking at
professionalism of members of our team and positive responses of our clients,

you can be convinced that we are legit. If you do not get a cards,
we will refund the money! If you do not trust us, you can always
make your order through Escrow Is it safe to receive the cards to
my own address? All cards are safe for delivery and are not prohibited items.

We make sure to send the cards in safe packages such as: greeting cards, magazines
and more. In addition, our cards look exactly like a regular credit card with a high
quality of printing and embossing. To what countries do you ship?

countries in which we can ship credit cards

NATIONAL POSTAL SERVICE with Tracking (Not always accurate or delayed updates)
USA 1-3 DAYS with MOSTLY WITH UPS OR DHL with Tracking RUSSIA 6-9
DAYS with Tracking then passed to Russian National Postal Service for
delivery to your address. (Tracking not always accurate as there is
delay in update until received in Russia) What countries can I use
these cards? Visa and MasterCard are international cards, and you
can withdraw them at any ATM. Can I use these Online buy things?
No they do not work online.

why we sale credit cards instead of using them

Just to withdraw at ATM. Why don’t you withdraw yourselves? Of course,
we withdraw for ourselves. But we cannot cash much money in one small city,
because it is dangerous. It is also very dangerous to cooperate
with agents in other cities, because they can be the police.
It is easier and safer for us to deal with the sale. We also believe in
Bitcoin and hope to get rich with it.

Prices for Payza, PayPal, Ucard, EgoPay, Moneybookers :

290$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 2000$ Payza, PayPal, Ucard, EgoPay, Moneybookers
390$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 3000$ Payza, PayPal, Ucard, EgoPay, Moneybookers
490$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 4000$ Payza, PayPal, Ucard, EgoPay, Moneybookers
590$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 5000$ Payza, PayPal,, Ucard, EgoPay, Moneybookers
690$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 6000$ Payza, PayPal, Ucard, EgoPay, Moneybookers

Prices for Payoneer:

390$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 2000$ Payoneer
490$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 3000$ Payoneer
590$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 4000$ Payoneer
690$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 5000$ Payoneer
790$ PerfectMoney / BitCoin = 6000$ Payoneer

*NOTE* :

But Payza paypal,Egopay:

1] If Order above 490$ you will receive +500$ Payza, PayPal, Ucard, EgoPay, Moneybookers, Payoneer GIFT
2] If Order above 590$ you will receive +1.000$ Payza, PayPal, Ucard, EgoPay, Moneybookers, Payoneer GIFT
3] If Order above 690$ you will receive +3.000$ Payza, PayPal, Ucard, EgoPay, Moneybookers, Payoneer GIFT

You will receive the money without risks..

PM me first
I decided to make limited transfers with buyers. A person can take only
one time transfer in a day to get safe me and himself too (security reasons).
If you want to do regular business with me then you have many bank accounts,
paypal, moneybookers and fake ids for western union because after 2 or 3
transfers your paypal and Wu ids will be black listed and banned.
So think before deal. Make big transactions and get a side and give
other peoples chance or try to gather many fake accounts and work
with me on regular basis.

Bank Transfer

specialize in carding and transferring
funds from hacked / stolen worldwide bank accounts & credit card data
to you and placing order on western union, money gram website.
I can also transfer to any bank account worldwide. Please note this is
ILLEGAL and FRAUD. It is your responsibility in regards to picking up
and taking security precautions. I do not provide advice or tips as I do
not know what could happen. This is to make quick money to pay your
bills, etc…From my experience from past buyers that complained, the
only issue they reported to me was that their WU information was
blacklisted on the WU system so they weren’t able to pick up or send
money ever again using their name after using my services.
This happens if you keep buying my services repeatedly and picking
up high volumes of money. I recommend doing this only ONCE per name.

cvv/cvv2/ dumps/ fullz/ flipping

|Card Number|Exp. Date|CVV/CVV2|First Name|Last Name|Street|City|State|Zip
Code|Country|Phone|Type Of Card|Bank Name| cloned credit cards for sale

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********clone card prices LIST************

$350——-$3000 —balance










Platinium visa – 450€ plafond 15000€

Platinium Visa – 550€ —-> plafond 20000€

Platinium Mastercard – 600€ —-> plafond 22500€

Platinium Visa – 700 —-> 27000€

Platinium Mastercard – 950 —> 29000

Infinity Visa – 1050€ —-> plafond 35000€

Infinity Mastercard -1150€ —-> plafond 45000€

Achat et Livraison Express

avec DHL ou UPS ou par la POSTE et meme FEDEX

===> List Price for fresh Credit Card (CC,CCV,CVV)

– US (visa/master) = 18$ per 1

– US (Amex,Dis) = 29$ per 1

– US Bin = 30$, US Dob = 25$

– US fullz info = 70$ per 1


– UK (visa/master) = 30$ per 1

– UK (Amex,Dis) = 35$ per 1

– UK Bin = 40$, UK Dob = 30$

– UK fullz info = 70$ per 1


– CA (visa/master) = 20$ per 1

– CA (Amex,Dis) = 25$ per 1

– CA Bin = 25$, CA Dob = 25$

– CA fullz info = 70$ per 1


– AU (visa/master) = 25$

– AU (Amex,Dis) = 30$ per 1

– AU Bin = 30$, AU Dob = 35$

– AU fullz info = 70$ per 1

————-contact us ——–

– EU (Visa,Master) = 30$ per 1

– EU (Amex,Dis) = 35$ per 1

– EU Bin = 35$, AU Dob = 40$

– EU fullz info = 70$ per 1

Others Country:

– Italy = 20$ per 1 (fullz info = 70$)

– Spain = 20$ per 1 (fullz info = 70$)

– Denmark = 25$ per 1 (fullz info = 70$)

– Sweden = 20$ per 1 (fullz info = 70$)

– France = 20$ per 1 (fullz info = 70$)

– Germany = 20$ per 1 (fullz info = 70$)

– Ireland = 20$ per 1 (fullz info = 70$)

– Mexico = 15$ per 1 (fullz info = 70$)

– Asia = 15$ per 1 (fullz info = 70$)

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sell cvv with bin, sell cvv pass vbv, sell cvv non, sell cvv good cheap, sell fresh cvv

* SPECIAL CARD (With DOB + Bin, Full Info) good bin, high balance:

30 CC Dob + Bin US = 450$

30 CC Dob + Bin UK = 500$

20 CC Dob + Bin CA = 500$

20 CC Dob + Bin AU = 500$

20 CC Dob + Bin EU = 600$

* SSN / DOB:

150$ – 200$ = 400 info SSN DOB (Name + Adresss + City + State + Fone + SSN + DOB):

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===> Price for Dumps:

** Usa :101

– Visa Classic, MasterCard Standart =45$

– Visa Gold|Platinum|Business, MasterCard Gold|Platinum = 50$

– American Express = $50 (Without SID)

– Discover = $50

Canada: 101 201

– Visa Classic, MasterCard Standart = 45$

– Visa Gold|Platinum|Business, MasterCard Gold|Platinum = 50$

** EU, UK: 101 201

– Classic|Standart = 60$

– Gold|Platinum = 70$

– Business|Signature|Purchase|Corporate|World = 100$

** ASIA/AUSTRALIA/Exotic: 101 201 121

– MasterCard| Visa Classic = $60

– Visa Gold|Platinum|Corporate|Signature|Business = $70(Usuário não encontrado)